Ambassador Mirabella
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Ambassador Mirabella
Gender Female
Species Mermaid
Hair Strawberry blonde
Eyes Dark Burgundy Red
Occupation Ambassador to South America
Voiced by Britt Irvin
Barbie in A Mermaid Tale 2

Ambassador Mirabella is a character in Barbie in A Mermaid Tale 2. She is from Southern Ocean and she travels to Aquellia to see the Changing of the Tides Ceremony. She is voiced by Britt Irvin.


Mirabella is a sweet, gentle and kind ambassador just like Ambassador Selena. She has a carefree attitude and likes to be free and cannot be confined in a small space, like being locked in a small store room.

Physical Appearance

She has Strawberry blonde hair and brown, almost dark burgundy red eyes and wears a pink diadem, pink earrings, a pink top and a pink and yellow necklace as well as a pink and yellow belt. Her tail is a two-toned pink. In the movie, her hair are tied with pink ribbons while they are undone in the book illustrations.


  • The name "Mirabella" means "wonderful".
  • Mirabella's worst nightmare is to be confined in a small space.
  • Mirabella, along with the other ambassadors, appeared in Barbie: The Pearl Princess, in pictures in the Seagundia castle's gallery.
  • This could mean that Seagundia and Oceana are in the same universe and time.


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