Arnold “Arnie” Roth (born September 3, 1945) is an American Grammy award-winning composer, conductor, and music producer. He first began conducting music for Barbie movies in 2001, with Barbie in the Nutcracker.

Life and career

Arnie Roth left the Bienen School of Music as an undergraduate. In 1975, he graduated from Northwestern University. In 1977, Arnie Roth’s son Eric was born. Eric is now a composer, performer and producer like his father. Arnie Roth also has a daughter who is involved with music. Now based in Chicago, Arnie Roth has performed a large variety of musical genres with many different artists, such as Diana Ross , Andrea Bocelli, Patrick Stewart and Il Divo. Roth is a long-time member of the Grammy award-winning American music group, Mannheim Steamroller, which was founded by Chris Davis and Jackson Berkey.

Barbie Movies

Arnie Roth produced, composed, conducted and arranged the music in the first nine Barbie movies. In 2007, Arnie Roth performed a live orchestra presentation, Barbie at the Symphony show. In 2011, he did the same at Barbie in the Nutcracker Live, with the Irish Philharmonic Orchestra. The music composed for the Barbie movies were recorded with live musicians and orchestras.

Barbie Movie Awards and nominations

DVD Exclusive Awards

Year Nominated Work Award Result
2003 Barbie as Rapunzel DVD Premiere Award - Best Original Score Won
2003 Barbie as Rapunzel ("Constant As The Stars Above") DVD Premiere Award - Best Original Song (shared with Jessica Brown and Rob Hudnut) Nominated
2003 Barbie as Rapunzel ("Rapunzel Theme") DVD Premiere Award - Best Original Song (shared with Becky Taylor) Nominated

Daytime Emmy Awards

Year Nominated Work Award Result
2007 Barbie in The 12 Dancing Princesses Daytime Emmy - Outstanding Original Song - Children's/Animated ("Shine") (shared with Rob Hudnut and Amy Powers). Nominated

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