Barbie's Dad
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Barbies dad
Gender Male
Species Human
Hair Black
Eyes Blue
Daughter Barbie
Spouse Wife (Deceased)
Barbie: Star Light Adventure

Barbie's Dad is a character in in Barbie: Star Light Adventure. He is a widower who lives with his daughter Barbie, her pet Pupcorn and their Housebot in a high-tech house situated in a huge tree on a luscious planet: Para-Den. When the king sends a message to ask Barbie for help to help save the stars, he encourages his daughter to go and assuage her self-doubts.

Physical Appearance

He has short black hair, blue eyes, and tan skin.


He is a serious and very intelligent man as well as a caring father. He is also very confident in his daughter's potential.


  • "I just got a message from the palace. The king is chosing a group to help with this mission to reset the stars." (Barbie) "He wants you!" "No! His council picked you!"
  • (To Barbie) "Your mother would've said: listen to your heart for the answer and follow it to the end. Everything comes from the heart - courage, leadership, and hope. Do this, and you’ll never go wrong."

Barbie: Star Light Adventure

Quote: "You can be anything"

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