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Star Light Bloopers Star Light Adventure Barbie

The Barbie: Star Light Adventure bloopers are a bonus feature on the DVD and Blu-ray releases of the film. They can also be seen on official Barbie websites.

Bonus #1

Barbie plays "Let Your Hair Down" at the DJ booth in the Grand Ballroom while the starlian dances with Barbie's Pupcorn and many unpopped pupcorn. Prince Leo walks in, looking for the kitchen, and the music stops. The pupcorn meow at Leo and he remarks that the map he followed was lying. Barbie tells the pupcorn to get Leo, and he shrieks as they run towards him. The music resumes and Leo is carried on top of the unpopped pupcorn as everyone continues dancing.

Bonus #2

Outside the castle, Barbie throws a stick for Pupcorn to fetch. He follows it and encounters another pupcorn. They play together, but Pupcorn becomes startled by a bird.

Bonus #3

Leo tells Barbie, Sal-Lee, Sheena and Kareena that he used to do hoverboarding, and as he is resting his foot on a hoverboard, Pupcorn knocks it and it activates. Leo flies around, unable to control the hoverboard, and everyone laughs.

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