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Cupcake Purse

Mustache Mask

Puppy and Trike

Spin 'N Ride Pups

Willowfest Giftset

Puppy Cradle Playset

"It's puppy love from the start with this set that lets girls help mommy dog care for her precious pups -- all four of them! With a dynamic pose, the mommy dog is ready to respond to their every need. An extra-long pink cradle that really rocks is perfect for feeding and naptime since all four puppies fit inside together. Use the four brightly colored bottles — they fit into the puppies' mouths — when they’re hungry and rock them to sleep when they're tired. The puppies need their rest for the adventurous day ahead! When it's playtime, each puppy has a unique accessory to add to the fun, like a silvery crown, a cool pair of glasses or a pretty pink bow. Unique poses add personality and playful inspiration. Girls will love helping this mommy dog care for her pups as if they were their own! Includes mommy dog, four puppies, one rocking cradle, four bottles and a fun accessory on each puppy. For ages 3 and up."

Pop Up Camper

Mega Bloks

"Based on the DVD movie, Barbie™ and her sister Chelsea™ return to their hometown where they’re introduced to some adorable puppies. Now you can play out the scenes with these new furry friends and set out on an adventure! Let Barbie™ lead the way on her bicycle, while Chelsea™ gives the puppies a ride in her wagon.

When the adventure is over, the sisters can each adopt a cute puppy to bring home!

  • One Barbie™ mini fashion figure with flower accessory and one Chelsea™ mini fashion figure
  • Set includes two puppies, buildable park bench with flower, wagon, and bicycle with basket
  • Combine with other Mega Bloks Barbie™ playsets to build a world of fashion and fun!
  • Package size: 8“ Tall, 8“ Wide"

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