Barbie is the main protagonist of Barbie Video Game Hero. She is teleported into her tablet when she accepts Cutie's request to beta test his game in order to defeat a virus infecting it. She was chosen to save the game world, due to her high scores in gaming. Her favorite video game is Just Dance, a real-life dancing game.


Outside of the game

  • Barbie wears hot pink high-top sneakers, blue jeans with Emoji patchwork, and a white shirt with a voxel girl graphic resembling Maia, and short pink sleeves with white stars. Barbie also wears a light-grey and pink headset with pink hearts when she plays computer games.
Barbie enters the game

Main Video Game Form

Video Game form

  • When Barbie is in the game, she is an anime character with extremely long pigtails with a pink bang, and a blue smiling heart that floats above her head. Her outfit consists of:
    • A blue shorts leotard with digital square and heart patterns that are more visible in the dark; with pink as its secondary color, along with yellow hearts and a pink heart brooch.
    • A white skirt with multi-colored pixels and symbols; such as smiley faces, hearts, and stars. The skirt also has a pink piece of translucent vinyl.
      • The base color of the skirt is pink in Levels 2 and 3.
    • White floating kneepads with pink hearts (only seen on her main form).
    • Color-block sneakers that sometimes have pink-and-orange wheels.
      • These are replaced with blue boots in Levels 2 and 3.


  • The books state that Barbie's favorite video game is Cupcake Caverns, despite her being the developer of the game, and her favorite game in the movie being Just Dance.