Barbie Christmas Carol Soundtrack
The Barbie in a Christmas Carol Soundtrack was released in 2008. It consists of songs from and inspired by the movie.


  1. "O Christmas Tree"
  2. "Deck the Halls"
  3. "Jolly Old Saint Nicholas"
  4. "Joy to the World"
  5. "We Wish You a Merry Christmas"
  6. "Jingle Bells"
  7. "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing"
  8. "Silent Night! Holy Night!" (C. Butler)
  9. "A Barbie 12 Days of Christmas"
  10. "I Love This Christmas"
  11. "California Christmas"


  • A different version of "Deck The Halls" is featured in Barbie: A Perfect Christmas.
  • "A Barbie 12 Days Of Christmas" and "California Christmas" are also featured on the Barbie: A Perfect Christmas soundtrack album. The lyrics and performer for "A Barbie 12 Days Of Christmas" were changed.
  • Leslie Mills covered "I Love This Christmas" for her EP I Love This Christmas in 2011.
  • The soundtrack entered in 6 Billboard Charts making it Barbie's first and so far only entry inside any Billboard charts.
Barbie in A Christmas Carol
Barbie in A Christmas Carol Classic Cover

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