Blush is a minor character in Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus. She is a young Cloud princess and lives in Cloud Kingdom with her sisters, Cloud Princess Rose and Cloud Princess Lilac, and her mother, Cloud Queen Rayla, Brietta and many other pegasus horses. Blush, Rose and Lilac paint the sunrise and sunsets orange, pink and lilac.


Blush is first seen when Brietta brings Princess Annika and Shiver the bear cub back to Cloud Palace. Rose points out that Brietta is coming back. Blush also points out that somebody is with her. When Brietta lands, the Princesses land beside them on their little pegasus ponies to greet Brietta, Annika and Shiver. Brietta points out that it's past their bedtime, and Rose says that it's great. The Cloud Princesses introduce Annika to their mother Rayla, The Cloud Queen. 

When they are all in the dressing room, Blush is putting clips into Brietta's mane. They are sun shaped, star shaped and circles. Annika then comes in wearing a different dress and Blush asks her if she's warmer. Annika then says "Much, thank you". After Annika and Rayla talking about what they can do to defeat Wenlock and break the spell over Annika's mother and father, Rose shouts "What about the Wand of Light?!"Blush then immediatley shushes her and Lilac says that Brietta doesn't like to talk about it, because she believes it doesn't exist. 

When the bells chime, it's time for the Princesses to do their job, which is painting the sunset and sunrise. When Blush does her job perfectly, Rose tells her she's doing great. And Blush blushes, hence her name. 


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Quote: "There is always hope."

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