For the butterfly fairy, see Rayla (Mariposa).

Queen Rayla, also known as the Queen of the Clouds, is a character in Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus. When Annika was attacked by Wenlock and rescued by Brietta, she fled to the Cloud Kingdom. There, she met Queen Rayla. Rayla resides in a beautiful castle built on top of the clouds, where it floats in the sky. In the gleaming hall, she sits on her throne and was believed to have magical powers and she has three daughters named Rose, Lilac, and Blush.


When Wenlock turned Brietta into a pegasus, Brietta fled to the Cloud Kingdom where she lived for many years. Before Annika and Brietta's journey, Rayla gave them a bell to ring whenever they need their help. In the end, Rayla is seen with Brietta, releasing the Wand of Light into the clouds.

Physical Appearance

Rayla has light brown skin, long curly dark brown hair, and blue eyes. She wears a small crown and a long light blue gown.


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