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Barbie Diamond Castle Soundtrack
Barbie & The Diamond Castle
Written by: Amy Powers
Guy Roche
Published by: Koch Records
Performed by: Katharine McPhee

"Connected" is a song from Barbie & The Diamond Castle. A duet version is sung by Liana and Alexa as they clean up their garden. A solo version by Katharine McPhee is played during the end credits of the movie.


I'm blindfolded on this carriage ride
That they call life
Keep tryin' to make it through that next turn
Knuckles white and holdin' tight

So here I go, taking the curve
But I know that I'm never alone
I think of you and how you never let me go

I feel connected (connected)
Protected (protected)
It's like you're sitting right
With me all the time
You hear me (you hear me)
You're near me (you're near me)
And everything else is gonna be all right

Tag: 'Cause nothin' can break this
Nothin' can break this
Nothin' can break this tie

Connected inside

It's not an accident
The time we spend apart
But now we're so close
That I can always find you
Right here in my heart

You've given me
Something I need
And I don't ever want it to end
Because of you
I know i've found my strength again


Connected inside

Every time that I breathe
I can feel the energy
Reachin' out, flowing through
You to me and me to you
Wake or dream
Walk or stand
You are everywhere I am
Separate souls
Touchin' at the speed of life


Connected (connected)
Connected inside
Connected (connected)


Barbie & The Diamond Castle
Barbie & The Diamond Castle Digital Copy

Quote: "Friendship is the true treasure."

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