"Coolest Thing Ever"
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Written by: Gabriel Mann and Kay Hanley
Published by: Mattel Rhapsody (ASCAP)
Performed by: Nevada Brandt
Produced by: Gabriel Mann
Length: 2:38

"Coolest Thing Ever" is a song in Barbie in Princess Power. It is the third track on the soundtrack. The soundtrack version does not include the second verse or second chorus.

"Coolest Thing Ever (Reprise)" is a song from Barbie in Princess Power. It is the fourth track on the soundtrack, and does not appear in the movie.

"Coolest Thing Ever" Lyrics

Takes more than just a cape and tights
To show them what I'm made of
I'll save the world with lightning speed
Nothing to be afraid of

I know what you're thinking:
"A princess can't bring it
All fashion sense and blinging"
But soon you'll be singing

Pre-Chorus: Bam! Pow! Take flight!
Power Princess outta sight!

Whoa-oh, this is just the coolest thing ever
Whoa-oh, I never want it to end
Take a chance, mess it up
That's okay, I won't give up
I'm big enough to try it again
Whoa-oh, the coolest thing ever (ever, ever, ever)

I fly around the world and I
Don't even have to steer you
From independent modern princess
Into superhero

I couldn't stop dreaming
That flying means freedom
And I'll be a hero
That you can believe in


I'm out saving the day
When you give your all
The world's a better place


"Coolest Thing Ever (Reprise)" Lyrics

We're out saving the day
When you're with me, the world's a better place
Bam! Pow! Best friends!
Power Princess 'til the end!

Whoa-oh, this is like the coolest thing ever
Whoa-oh, we never want it to end
Take a chance, mess it up
That's okay, we don't give up
All because you're my friend
Whoa-oh, we're in this together (together, together, together)


Coolest Thing Ever (Album Version)02:48

Coolest Thing Ever (Album Version)

Coolest Thing Ever (Reprise)01:20

Coolest Thing Ever (Reprise)

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