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Dahlia fairytopia
Gender Female
Species Dryad
Hair Pink
Eyes Green
Occupation Laverna's Assistant (formerly)
Voiced by Chiara Zanni
Barbie Fairytopia

Dahlia is a supporting character in Barbie Fairytopia. She is a dryad voiced by Chiara Zanni.


Dahlia is a dryad fairy. She was once a loyal assistant to the evil fairy witch Laverna . She was first seen when Elina had to go to her, because Azura had been captured by fungi. As Elina was holding onto Azura's necklace, Dahlia thought it was Azura because the necklace called for her. She appeared only to see that it was a wingless fairy, Elina. Elina explained what was happening and how Laverna has poisoned Fairytopia and took away the fairies power to fly. Dahlia refused and said she used to work for Laverna, and The Guardians didn't trust her anymore because they thought she was a spy. Dahlia was very rude to Elina, making her apologize for bothering her and going to leave.

Appearance and Personality

Dahlia shares a similar personality with Nori. She is a bit rude at times, but also very helpful. Dahlia has light skin, green eyes, and pink hair with a fushcia flower in it. Her dress is seafoam green, and she wears green and pink tights and pink shoes. Around her arms are pink bands.



  • Dahlia is named after the flower with same name.
  • She is said to be a dryad. According to Greek mythology, dryads are specifically nymphs of oak trees. However, term has come to be used generally for all tree nymphs.
  • Corresponding to the myth, Dahlia also lives in a tree. She comes out from it when Azura's necklace calls her.
  • Dahlia is also a reference that Keira is allergic to these flowers in the movie Barbie: The Princess & The Popstar.
Barbie Fairytopia
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