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Dandelion Mermaidia
Gender Female
Species Fairy
Hair Orange
Eyes Gray
Voiced by Tabitha St. Germain
Barbie Fairytopia
Barbie Fairytopia: Mermaidia
Barbie Fairytopia: Magic of the Rainbow

Dandelion is a character in Barbie Fairytopia, Barbie Fairytopia: Mermaidia, and Barbie Fairytopia: Magic of the Rainbow. She is Elina's supportive best friend and she is voiced by Tabitha St. Germain.


Dandelion is kind, loyal and joyful young fairy. She is Elina's best friend who always was protective to her and always is ready to help her in any situations. She live with mother, who often worried about her.

Physical Appearance

Dandelion is a young fairy with clear, shiny wings. Her wings have a flower pattern on them. Dandelion has fair skin, light gray eyes and red hair. She wears her hair in pigtails with yellow bands.

Her outfit consists of a yellow and orange dress with a petal skirt. She has an orange bracelet on her left arm. She also wears yellow tights with an orange pattern on them, and yellow shoes that have a flower on the front.


Barbie Fairytopia
Barbie Fairytopia Digital Copy

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