Diamond Castle
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Diamond Castle
Location Information
Feature films Barbie & The Diamond Castle
Type Castle
Owner Muses of Music
Inhabitants Muses of Music
Lydia (formerly)
Visitors Liana, Alexa, Jeremy, Ian, Slyder, Sparkles, Lily,
Final state Still standing
You may be looking for the film Barbie & The Diamond Castle.

The Diamond Castle is the titular location of Barbie & The Diamond Castle. It is where Liana and Alexa journey to with Sparkles, Lily, Melody, Ian and Jeremy. The Diamond Castle is the birth place of music, and every time a new song is sung anywhere in the world, a diamond appears on the walls. The Muses of Music live in the Diamond Castle, as well as children, Glimmer and another pegasus, Liana and Alexa.

Lydia, Dori and Phaedra were friends at first, and they took care of the Diamond Castle and their apprentice, Melody. However, Lydia wanted the Diamond Castle for herself and wanted to be the only Muse, so it was hidden away.


Barbie & The Diamond Castle
Barbie & The Diamond Castle Digital Copy

Quote: "Friendship is the true treasure."

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