"Double Vision"
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Barbie Diamond Castle Soundtrack
Barbie & The Diamond Castle
Written by: Jeremy From
Rob Hudnut
Performed by: Jeremy From
Noel Johansen
Produced by: Jeremy From
Length: 1:48
Courtesy of: Mattel Rhapsody (ASCAP)
Double Vision01:49

Double Vision

"Double Vision" is a song in Barbie & The Diamond Castle. It is featured in the movie and on the movie's official soundtrack.


Two maidens were stealing
A gig from two kind men
Whose singing was magic
They were both so handsome

Jeremy: How did you get to be so good looking?
Ian: Genetics.
Jeremy: Ah!

One girl fair and pretty,
And one a dark beauty.
One wearing orange,
And one... (spoken) well, you know perfectly well nothing rhymes with orange.

Hear the song you belong,
With lads like us...
Hear the song you belong,
You belong, you belong...
With lads like us!

Double vision!

We are both so charming,
That we know that you'll love us
Our good looks are disarming,
And our style is a big, big plus, yeah!

Hear the song you belong,
With lads like us...
Feel so strong you belong,
You belong, you belong...
Woah, you belong...
Ooh, you belong...
Ohh, you belong...
With lads like us!

Barbie & The Diamond Castle
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