Duchess Amelia
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Duchess Amelia
Gender Female
Species Human
Hair Gray
Eyes Blue
Occupation Duchess of Meribella
Voiced by Ellie King
Brother King Frederic
Niece Princess Victoria
Princess Meredith
Princess Trevi
Barbie: The Princess & The Popstar
Fun? You're a royal! Duty and responsibility come before fun.

Duchess Amelia

Duchess Amelia is a character in Barbie: The Princess & The Popstar. She is the strict aunt of Princess Victoria, Princess Meredith and Princess Trevi.


Amelia is well-mannered and strict. She wanted Victoria to focus on royal duties but Victoria was more interested in having fun, and she was pleased when Victoria began to do so.

Physical Appearance

She wears a red suit and she has gray hair. She wears red hat and green earrings with her red suit.


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Amelia is King Frederic's sister and her nieces are Tori, Meredith, and Trevi. She was a very good friend to the queen. It's possible when the queen died, Amelia promised her that she would raise Tori to be a proper princess. Tori loves Amelia, even though Amelia is strict.


  • "Tori? Tori! Open the door this instant!"
  • "Enough is enough! I promised your dear mother that I would train you to be a proper princess, and now you and your gang of tiny thugs are turning every royal occasion into a laughingstock!"
  • "Princess Victoria Bethany Evangeline Renée, you're almost 18... it's time for you to learn how to behave like a princess of the realm, not some silly schoolgirl!"
  • "You're such a flatterer! And you say you were singer on this 'Squeaky Squirrel Show?"
  • "Tori? Are you mad, bringing an outsider in here?"
  • "Sometimes I don't know who that girl is...!"
  • "Victoria? What are you doing out here?"
  • "Not until you learn some manners, young lady!"
  • "It's too late for more of your pranks!"
  • "I'm returning to our guests, and since you refuse to take your duties seriously, you can just stay here all night to write that speech!"
  • "Not another word!"
  • "Now where were we with our tour?"
  • "Now don't move a muscle!"
  • "Absolutely not,we have guests! Now come,and please do something with your hair!"
  • "Don't play the innocent with me, this has your mark all over it!"
  • "I was willing to overlook the exploding cupcakes and tea, and the skunk of the embassy ball. I even made excuses when you hit the Prime Minister's teeth."


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