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Gender Female
Species Human
Hair Light brown
Eyes brown
Voiced by Natasha Calis
Barbie Presents Thumbelina
Emma is a character in Barbie Presents Thumbelina. She is a student in Barbie's class, and she plants a tree to help the environment. Emma is voiced by Natasha Calis.

Physical Appearance

Emma is a sweet young girl with pale skin. She has brown eyes and a small button nose. Her hair is reddish brown and she has a pink hairclip. She wears a green t-shirt, a short pink skirt, flower patterned leggings and black flat shoes.


She found Barbie's idea to plant trees exciting, but was more patient than the other children to get started. She didn't follow what everyone else was doing and chose a plant smaller than everyone else’s. Her feelings were hurt when a boy commented that it was not a good plant, and that it was small, but she cheered up when Barbie told her the plant was beautiful.

Barbie Presents Thumbelina
Barbie Presents Thumbelina Classic Cover

Quote: "Even the smallest person can make a big difference."

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