The Enchanted Forest
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Location Information
Feature films Barbie of Swan Lake
Type Forest

The Enchanted Forest is a location in Barbie of Swan Lake. It is a mystical forest that is located behind a secret rock portal that lies behind a large waterfall. It is considered separate from the human world since it is a forest behind a cave. It is the kingdom of the Fairy Queen and the home of Lila the Unicorn, the elves and Erasmus the Troll. It was once home to the evil sorcerer Rothbart, but he left in a rage when he was not chosen as an heir to the throne.


Barbie of Swan Lake
Barbie of Swan Lake Digital Copy

Quote: "You're braver than you think."

Media: Barbie of Swan Lake

Characters: Barbie Roberts | Baker | Carlita | Erasmus | Fairy Queen | Ivan | Jenny | Kelly Roberts | Kelly (Swan Lake) | Liana | Lila | Marie | Marisa | Odile | Prince Daniel | Princess Odette | Queen Mother | Reggie | Rothbart

Objects: Magic Crystal | Book of Forest Lore

Locations: Enchanted Forest | Palace | Village

Transportation: Lila

Songs: "Wings"

Other: Merchandise | Transcript

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