The Fairy Queen
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Fairy Queen
Gender Female
Species Fairy/Mouse
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Occupation Ruler of the Enchanted Forest
Voiced by Kathleen Barr
Cousin Rothbart
Cousin Once Removed Odile
Barbie of Swan Lake

The Fairy Queen is a character in Barbie of Swan Lake. The Fairy Queen rules the Enchanted Forest, which was being plagued with evil by her cousin, Rothbart, an evil warlock. The Fairy Queen is voiced by Kathleen Barr.


A few years ago before she met Odette, her evil cousin Rothbart lived in the forest with her. Their uncle, the king, had to choose a successor, but chose the queen instead of Rothbart. Furious, Rothbart stormed out of the forest, and was gone for years. All was well until he returned years later with his daughter Odile. In the time he was gone, Rothbart had become a master of the dark arts. The queen tried to force Rothbart to leave after he slowly began taking over the forest, but was overwhelmed by his dark powers.

Several of the queen's bravest fairies and elves tried to stop him, but he transformed them into animals and forced them to build his new palace. With every prisoner he took, his powers grew stronger. It was foretold that whatever person could free a magic crystal from a tree, they would be able to overcome Rothbart and save the Enchanted Forest. That person was Odette. Odette herself did not believe in herself and the queen didn't want to force her into danger, so the queen let her leave.

Physical Appearance

The Fairy Queen has light skin, brown eyes, and brown hair. She wears a purple crown with a pink flower in the center. Initially she wore a white and purple gown.


Everywhere she goes, the Fairy Queen carries with her an enchanted wand that can produce magic and cast spells. She has the gifts of flight and levitation. In the movie, she was shown to lift herself and stay up in the air as long as she wanted.

However, it was also shown that her magical powers were not as strong as those of Rothbart's, and they were consistently weakened by the evil domination that he spread throughout the forest. She was only able to partially break the spells he cast on Odette and the fairies that had escaped from his palace, enabling them to regain human shapes only from sunset till dawn. Later on, her powers diminished to the extent where she lost her gifts of flight and levitation, and had to walk on ground with the others.

During the final battle, Rothbart's magic overwhelmed what little magic she had left completely, transforming her into a mouse. Fortunately, when Rothbart was finally defeated by Odette's and Daniel's true love, she not only regained human shape, but all of her powers as well, and was once again able to levitate and stay up in the air for as long as she desired.


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