Laverna, disguised as Sunburst, ready to sabotage the Flight of Spring

The Flight of Spring is a performance of Luminescence, Flance and Water Magic performed by the Guardians of Fairytopia every year to make sure they have the beautiful springs.



Glee performing water magic

After Fungus Maximus, one of Laverna's minions, was disguisted at Laverna's toad form, Azura and the rest of the guardians were poisoned. This resulted in them having to rest, so they would not be able to perform The Flight of Spring. The apprentices began to blame Elina for this because she released Laverna and let her loose on Fairytopia. After this incident, The Enchantress came to the apprentices and told them to be brave and strong, but with the guardians poisoned, they would have to step in and perform the flight. The Enchantress put them under personal training, it didn't go well at first, but as they kept practising, they were ready to perform. 

The first job that had to happen was creating a chamber where the ceremony took place. The fairies stood in their designated area and began to do Water Magic, as they all came together, a chamber in the shape of a flower blush appeared. The next step was to Flance, the Flance drew the blush from the inner fountain. Meanwhile, Sunburst and Elina were flying around the top. Sunburst told Elina it was exciting, and she agreed and said "I think we can do this, though". Sunburst then said, "Of course we can! You wouldn't let some limping toad get in your way, right?". This left Elina confused because Sunburst didn't know about the toad. Sunburst then spoke, but it was Laverna's voice. Elina finally knew that Sunburst wasn't Sunburst and it was Laverna. 

Elina set out to find the real Sunburst, of course, Sunburst couldn't touch ordinary water, otherwise she would lose all of her powers. Water was the perfect space to look. Elina discovered Sunburst trapped in a magical chamber on the lakebed. As Elina lifted her out, she regained conciousness. Elina told her they needed to go back to the Crystal Palace as quickly as possible, to confront Laverna and reveal her evil plan. 

As the fairies were about to do luminesence, Elina and the real Sunburst arrived back at the ceremony. Elina shouted no and told everyone that the performing Sunburst wasn't actually Sunburst, and it was Laverna. Finally Laverna's evil plan was revealed to everyone.

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