The Stepping Stones
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Location Information
Feature films Barbie in the Nutcracker
Type Bridge

The Stepping Stones are a location from Barbie in the Nutcracker.


The stepping stones are the first obstacle Clara and the Nutcracker run into as part of the "Sugar Plum Princess expedition". In an attempt to prove his authority, Major Mint insists they cross them; putting the others at risk in the process.


The stepping stones were, at one point, part of an actual bridge. The bridge was presumably destroyed by the Mouse King, leaving only this uneven line of floating rocks (the fact that no one seems fazed by the floating rocks suggests that such things are common in Parthenia). The rocks themselves aren't very stable and great care has to be taken when crossing them. They cross a deep ravine with a stream at the bottom.

Later on, after Clara has broken the Mouse King's enchantments, the stepping stones become a bridge once again.

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