The Flutter Flower is a plant in Barbie: Mariposa & the Fairy Princess. It is made from the most precious magic of Flutterfield. Queen Marabella asked Prince Carlos to give this to Mariposa before she traveled to Shimmervale. If Mariposa were to have doubts, she would just take it out and it will remind her everyone at Flutterfield.


After Catania gives Mariposa a crystal necklace, Mariposa gives it to Catania. When Mariposa noticed the Flutter Flower glowing inside of Catania's pocket, she thought it'd work for the Heartstone after Catania took it out and it unexpectedly restored the crystal necklace. Together they held the Flutter Flower close to the Heartstone, and it shines a very bright light, which undos Gwyllion's spell, restoring every Crystallite in Shimmervale. It also transforms Catania and Mariposa's wings, hair, and outfit, and breaks the spell that Gwyllion had cast on everybody to freeze them in place.


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