Fungus Maximus
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Char 47995
Gender Male
Species Fungi
Eyes Green
Occupation Leader of the Fungi
Voiced by Christopher Gaze
Barbie Fairytopia: Mermaidia
Barbie Fairytopia: Magic of the Rainbow

Fungus Maximus (also called Max) is an antagonist in Barbie Fairytopia: Mermaidia, and Barbie Fairytopia: Magic of the Rainbow. He is Laverna's assistant, and he is voiced by Christopher Gaze.


Barbie Fairytopia: Mermaidia is where he first appears, as the leader of the Fungi. He threatens to pour a bottle of Laverna's magical poison into the ocean to destroy Mermaidia if Prince Nalu does not lead them to the immunity berry.

In Barbie Fairytopia: Magic of the Rainbow, he stalks Azura and later Elina under Laverna's orders. He is later turned into a toad to stand in for Laverna, so the guardians think she is still in exile.

Physical Appearance

Fungus Maximus has dark green skin and hazel eyes. He wears a purple suit, a gold ring with a purple gem on his left middle finger, and has many warts on his face. His ears are pointed and his nose takes up most of his face.

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