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Glimmer Flairy
Gender Female
Species Flairy
Hair Pink
Eyes Blue
Occupation Glitters Dresses/Flairy
Voiced by Andrea Libman
Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale
For the pegasus, see Glimmer (The Diamond Castle).

Glimmer (sometimes written "Glim'r") is a supporting character and one of the three stylish and enchanting flairies in Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale. Her original power was to add glimmer to fashions; she was once the weakest but is now the most powerful, as she can now transform outfits as well as objects. Glimmer is voiced by Andrea Libman.


Glimmer is very inquisitive and appears to be shy seen most of the times. At first, she was the weakest amongst the flaries, as only hints of magic came out. But at nearly the end of the film, she finally used her powers to her fullest potetinal; as such, she transforms Barbie's plain pink dress into a bigger, sparkling magenta gown, and later limosines into carriages with horses. Glimmer has since became more confident with her abilities.


She has light red skin, and coral red hair styled in two ringlets with silver highlights. She wears a red, pink and silver strapless dress and silver strappy wedge sandals. She also wears silver earrings and silver pearl necklace with silver round in the middle.

Her strapless dress has silver tops, dark red belt and two layers of long skirt: The first one is a bit shorter and lighter and the second one is longer and darker than the first layer.



Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale
Barbie A Fashion Fairytale Digital Copy

Quote: "Magic happens when you believe in yourself."

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