Gloss Angeles
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Location Information
Feature films Barbie: A Fairy Secret
Type City
Ruler Princess Graciella
Inhabitants Fairies
Visitors Barbie Roberts
Raquelle (Barbie)
Final state Still standing.

Gloss Angeles is a location in Barbie: A Fairy Secret. It is a fairy city currently ruled by Princess Graciella and her husband Prince Zane.

Fairy Flyways


In order to get to Gloss Angeles, a fairy needs to make a portal, or they can use fairy flyways. Barbie, Raquelle, Carrie and Taylor use a flyway to go to Paris and use Lilliana Roxelle's portal to Gloss Angeles because it was the only one the princess did not seal.


Gloss Angeles is a city made up of floating islands. There is no ground. To quickly travel to different islands, fairies can use airevators, which are fast whirlwinds they can fly inside. When fairies fly towards the doors of buildings, the doors are just archways that open and seal themselves, as shown with Wings and Things.


Most things in Gloss Angeles have wings, such as sundae glasses, surfboards, coffee cups and handbags. Humans that go to Gloss Angeles can buy clip on wings.


Gloss Angeles is home to mostly fairies, but also humans, such as Reena, and some animals. Some animals shown were pegaponies, dogs and cats, all with wings.


Carrie and Taylor were banished from Gloss Angeles by the princess after a misunderstanding. If they were seen there, they are supposed to be arrested by palace guards. It is also a fairy law for a human that marries a fairy to stay in Gloss Angeles forever.


The fairies in Gloss Angeles are very fashionable, and some are even fashion fairies, like Carrie and Taylor. When Barbie and her friends went to Gloss Angeles, there were many fairies with boxes upon boxes of shopping. Instead of billboards, adverts are holograms in the air.

There is a store for humans staying in the fairy world to buy clip-on wings, which is called Wings and Things. It is where Barbie and Raquelle buy wings from so they can fly around Gloss Angeles if they are by themselves and in trouble during their rescue mission.


Gloss Angeles original concept art by Walter P. Martishus


  • Gloss Angeles is a pun on Los Angeles.
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