Gothel's Manor
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Feature films Barbie as Rapunzel
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Gothel's manor is a main location in Barbie as Rapunzel. It was Gothel's home before she was defeated, and Princess Rapunzel, Penelope and Hobie's before they moved out.


Gothel's manor is hidden inside of deep forest and surrounded by magical wall, which can be opened only by Gothel, and dragons can fly over it. Rapunzel's room, Gothel's room, a hallway, a courtyard, a garden, an old basement under the kitchen and a secret tonnel were shown in the film.


It was shown when Gothel returns from her walking, in beginning, when Hugo flies to see his daughter, and when Hugo was enchained, in ending.

Here is a big statue of dragon that can be seen in beginning, paths are covered with yellow tiles and all trees are dark. In general, it's one of darkest places in manor, because sun rays don't go through the magic wall.


Here, Rapunzel meets Gothel from her walking. There is a red carpet, four standing torches and stairway with one squeaking step.

Kitchen, secret basement and secret tunnel

Here, Rapunzel makes tea for Gothel. Here is a big fireplace; Penelope accidentally dropped the tray, and a spoon opened a stairway to the secret basement.

In secret basement, there are many things from Gothel's past that she'd forgotten about, for there is a lot of dust. Here is a big chest with Gothel's ball invitations, a portrait of Gothel and king Wilhelm, whose face was torn by Gothel in a fit of rage, and a little music box with a silver hairbrush inside.

When Hobie scared Penelope, she stepped on the floor and made a hole inside it. Rapunzel discovered a tunnel there. She went through the tunnel and came out from the manor.

Rapunzel's room

The brightest place in the manor. Walls are painted with roses, probably by Rapunzel. It's also her painting studio, where her paintings and her easel stand. After they were broken, Rapunzel painted on her room's walls. It has two big windows and, before Gothel's spell, it had a door. Gothel made the tower with Rapunzel's room higher and destroyed all the doors. Anyway, it has a tube by which small creatures, like Hobie or Otto, can go in and out of castle.


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