Grandfather Drosselmayer's House
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Feature films Barbie in the Nutcracker
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Grandfather Drosselmayer's House is a location in Barbie in the Nutcracker. It is where Grandfather Drosselmayer resides with his granddaughter Clara and grandson Tommy. Their aunt Elizabeth Drosselmayer stays with them sometimes. The only part of the house seen is the parlor, which is very spacious and lavish. In the parlor, there is a mouse hole which leads to the portal to Parthenia. There is also an owl that sits on top of a grandfather clock.


At Christmas time, Clara helps the maid decorate the parlor for a party. Elizabeth arrives and gives Clara a Nutcracker doll as a gift. Clara later falls asleep on the sofa in the parlor with Nutcracker on the floor. The Mouse King and his army come through the mouse hole and try to attack Nutcracker. The Mouse King fights Nutcracker and uses his magic sceptre to make Clara the size of a mouse. Clara ends the fight by hurling her shoe at the Mouse King's head, knocking him unconscious. Two members of the army drag him back through the mouse hole.

Clara asks Nutcracker how she can get back to her normal size, and he explains that they need to go to Parthenia and find the Sugar Plum Princess, a powerful fairy, in order to do so. The Owl from atop the clock swoops down and gives Clara a necklace from a Sugar Plum Fairy decoration on the Christmas Tree. By opening the necklace, Clara can get back home. Clara and Nutcracker go through the mouse hole and fall into a portal which takes them to Parthenia. They find out that Clara was the Sugar Plum Princess all along after she saves people several times, including Nutcracker; she turned him back into his true self - a prince named Eric - and they had fallen in love.

The Mouse King opens Clara's necklace and she is forced to come back to the parlor, even though she felt at home in Parthenia. Clara asks her family if they have seen Nutcracker, but Elizabeth walks into the parlor with Eric. Eric is invited to stay for a while and he and Clara dance together.

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