"Hope Has Wings"
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Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus
Performed by: Brie Larson
Barbie and the magic of pegasus - hope has wings

Barbie and the magic of pegasus - hope has wings

"Hope Has Wings" is a song from the movie, Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus by Brie Larson. It is featured in the ending credits.


La la, la la

When I'm stuck on the ground
There's no up, only down
Every step sends me falling
Not sure how to begin
How to rise like the wind
So that soon I'll be soaring
I just breathe... and let myself believe

'Cause hope has wings to carry you
Anything is possible
Just might be a miracle
Waiting to come true
So I lift my eyes and see the sky
Feel my heart begin to fly
I will be carried by my dreams
'Cause hope has wings

I can climb through the clouds
Far away from my doubts
That would be so amazing
Feel the sun on my face
Such a beautiful place
Yeah I know that it's waiting
Skating safe... encouraging with faith


Like a flame, like a spark
I'm amazed by the change
There's a star in the dark
Calling out my name
Finally, I can see
Now I'm on my way (now I'm on my way)


I have a new hope that lives in me
Anywhere I go it sets me free
It shines a light, It's everywhere
From north to south, it takes me there

La la, la la
La la, la la

Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus
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