Hue Fling
Hue is character in Barbie Fairytopia. He is a large butterfly that assists Elina and Bibble, and he is voiced by Mark Oliver.


Laverna, the evil twin sister of the ruler of Fairytopia, the Enchantress, kidnaps the guardian fairies of Fairytopia and creates a formula that sickens fairies and stops them from flying. Elina, a wingless fairy, was the only one capable of saving everyone. Elina finds Azura, a guardian fairy, who gives Elina her necklace. Azura says to find Hue and Dahlia, a dryad who was a loyal assistant to Laverna. Azura thought that because of Dahlia's former affiliation with Laverna, she would know how to defeat her.

Elina meets Hue the next day, and he tries to take her and Bibble to the Wildering Wood. On their journey, Laverna's firebirds pursue them. Hue flies to a cove with a waterfall, thinking water will repulse the firebirds. Hue flies too low and interrupts Prince Nalu, a merman. The firebirds follow Hue into the cove so Nalu saves them.

Nalu leads Hue, Elina and Bibble to the Wildering Wood and Hue inhales Laverna's formula. Elina tells Hue to rest and tells Bibble to stay by Hue while she finds Dahlia. When Elina finds Dahlia, Dahlia is reluctant to go to Laverna's castle with Elina, but she agrees eventually. Hue and Bibble also go with them. Hue and Dahlia distract the Fungus, Laverna's assistants, while Elina goes to the castle. Hue, Dahlia and Bibble are captured while trying to help Elina, so Elina tells Laverna to free them.

After Elina saves her friends and the guardian fairies by using Azura's necklace to stop Laverna's plan. Elina goes home to the Magic Meadow and Hue visits her. For her hard work, Elina is rewarded by the Enchantress with a pair of wings. Elina, Hue, Bibble and Elina's friend Dandelion fly together.


  • The word "hue" is an aspect of color. It refers to the color's position on the RGB scale.


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