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Gender Male
Species Dragon
Eyes Silver
Occupation Gothel's Servant (formerly)
Voiced by David Kaye
Daughter Penelope
Barbie as Rapunzel

Hugo is a character in Barbie as Rapunzel. He is the dragon who served Gothel, and he is voiced by David Kaye.


Hugo is the father of Penelope and wants her to be a real dragon, fearless and terrifying. When he flies in Gothel's manor, Penelope gets afraid, because she can't do what he wants. Still, Penelope loves him and, when Rapunzel discovers a secret entrance, Penelope persuades her to come back because she doesn't want Gothel to punish Hugo.

When Gothel discovers that Rapunzel tends to run away from the tower, she punishes Rapunzel and enchains Hugo for not keeping her inside the tower. Penelope informs Hugo that Rapunzel saved him by coming back when she was able to go and not come back. She did this because if she hadn't, Gothel would have punished Hugo badly. Hugo tells Penelope that Gothel's spell shouldn't work on Rapunzel, because she hasn't been lying. Rapunzel escapes the tower, and, along with Penelope and Hobie, comes to the enchained Hugo and thanks him. Hugo then accepts Penelope's friendly personality and calls her a mighty dragon, then telling her to fly over the magic wall.

When Gothel was defeated, Hugo's magic chain disappeared, and when Gothel asked him to get her out of the manor,he told her it was impossible, as Gothel was the prisioner with the lying heart.

At the end, Hugo and his daughter moved with Rapunzel and Stefan to their own palace and kept the palace warm in the winter.


Hugo is very strict and wants Penelope to be "a mighty dragon". He always gets angry when Penelope can't do what he wants. Later he changes his mind, telling Penelope that a mighty dragon is not only a dragon with power, but also a courageous and loyal dragon.

Physical Appearance

Hugo is a large dragon. His scales are dull compared to his daughter Penelope, and his scales and horns are pink and purple.


Barbie as Rapunzel
Barbie as Rapunzel Digital Copy

Quote: "Love and imagination can change the world."

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