The Ice Cave
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Feature films Barbie in the Nutcracker
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The ice cave is a location from Barbie in the Nutcracker. It is an enormous stone cave on top of snowy mountains, its walls covered with solid ice and it's surfaces covered with thick snow. The ice cave is located at the south western most point of Parthenia, or the Land of Sweets, and it has no confirmed inhabitants (though it is possible that snow fairies may reside here). The outside of the ice cave has stone steps which lead into the Gingerbread Village.


After stepping through a mouse hole in Clara's parlor, Clara and Nutcracker are transported to the ice cave through a portal which connects Clara's home to Parthenia. They slide down the cave walls and have a soft landing on the snow-covered ground, but Nutcracker's arm falls off. Clara gives it back to him.

After a gust of wind, a young snow faerie flies to Clara as a blue spark. The fairy shows herself to Clara, intrigued by her. The fairy tries to pull Clara by her sleeve so she can follow her, but the fairy loses grip and flies into Nutcracker's hard chest, crumpling her wing. Clara offers to help the fairy by straightening her wing, and the fairy becomes happy again and flies away. Nutcracker notices that she didn't say "thank you", but moves on to trying to find a way out of the cave. He stabs the icy wall but only scratches it.

There is another gust of wind and it begins to snow as blue sparks float in the air, turning into adult snow fairies. They dance elegantly for Clara, leaving blue sparkles as they move. They do synchonised dancing as the younger snow fairy tries to copy them. The little fairy tries to get Clara to dance also, but Clara gets embarrassed. The snow fairy is disappointed that Clara wouldn't dance, but gets distracted by the flawless dancing of the other fairies. The fairies fly together to push Nutcracker towards Clara and then fly together again for a big finale: they fly into a wall and use their magic to make an opening in the cave to the rest of Parthenia. Nutcracker jokes that the dance was the "thank you" to Clara for fixing the little fairy's wing.

The fairies have disappeared, and Nutcracker suggests that they may have gone to make a blizzard somewhere. Nutcracker and Clara walk towards the cave mouth, and, as Clara steps closer to the cave entrance, flowers grow and bloom instantly in her footprints. They leave the ice cave to go to the Gingerbread Village.


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