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Gender Female
Species Human
Hair Blonde with red streaks
Eyes Ice green
Occupation Fashion designer
Owner of Jacqueline's
Voiced by Alexa Divine
Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale
Jacqueline is easy to spot: she's hip, savvy, and on the cutting edge of fashion. This rival designer doesn't want to be trendy, she wants to start the trends herself. Jacqueline is sneaky and competitive. She'll do anything to get ahead, but she's no match for Barbie and her friends.

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Jacqueline is the main antagonist in Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale. She is voiced by Alexa Divine. Jacqueline owns a fashion house in Paris, named after herself, where she works with her assistant Delphine.


Barbie Roberts came to Paris to see Millicent, who is her aunt. Delphine and Jacqueline happened upon Barbie while she was walking around Paris, and Delphine told Barbie that Jacqueline had ruined Millicent's. Millicent had given up on designing because the news press only paid attention to her to insult her. However, Barbie and Millicent's assistant, Marie-Alecia, found the flairies, three magical beings who could use magic to improve fashion designs. With the flairies, they improved the designs at Millicent's so they could stop the fashion house from selling.

Jacqueline spied and watched as the flairies glitterfied Marie-Alecia's dress, she knew she had to do something before Millicent became famous. Later that night, when Marie-Alecia and Barbie were out to buy fabrics, they crept in the fashion house and kidnapped the flairies. Jacqueline insisted the Flairies to improve her line of clothes that the flairies weren't inspired and warned her that they weren't inspired and something bad could happen, but she dismissed them. Delphine started to spray cheap perfume at them until they gave in and improved her designs. On Sunday night, Jilliana, Jacques, and Sequin, Millicent's and Barbie's pets, see fireworks that the Flairies made and rescue them.

On the day of Jacqueline's fashion show, Lilliana Roxelle, had attended the show, so Delphine and Jacqueline were very happy. Delphine wished Jacqueline luck and Jacquline went to introduce the show. Everyone was excited until the beauty the flairies had given the outfits began to fade away; the clothes began to smell like gym socks and the designs started to melt away. Lilliana left the show and went to Millicent's show instead.

Delphine and Jacqueline also watched the show, and so Jacqueline apologised for the way she had treated Millicent. She also apologised to the flairies for kidnapping them. Millicent said she forgave them, and that they could all work together some day.

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Appearance and Personality

Jacqueline is very vain, she wishes to be a trend setter and since she is very sneaky and competetive, she tries to take over Millicent's who has been extremely low in business lately.

Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale
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Quote: "Magic happens when you believe in yourself."

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