Jacques Roussel
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Gender Male
Species Dog
Hair Light brown/White
Eyes Brown
Voiced by Charles Fathy
Owner Marie-Alecia
Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale
Sequin meets Jacques during her trip to Paris with Barbie. For Jacques, meeting Sequin is love at first sight! He's a spunky Jack Russel Terrier with a great talent for fashion design.

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Jacques is a Jack Russel Terrier who appears in Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale.


Jacques first sees Sequin when she wakes him up. He falls in love with her straight away and wants to use her as his fashion muse. Even though Sequin crashes into him, he apologizes to her and introduces himself. He helps her up and they get acquainted. Jilliana makes fun of Sequin's style but Sequin defends herself and says she is honoured to be Jacques' muse. They run off happily, leaving Jilliana.

Jilliana can't help rolling her eyes at Jacques' huge crush on Sequin. While she is happy that Sequin inspires Jacques to design again she thinks all the romance is gross. Later in the film after Jacques shows his first design on Sequin, he talks to her, saying how much she inspires him. They lean in to touch noses only to be interupted by Jilliana who apologizes for her remarks about Sequin.

At the end of the film, Jacques takes part in the fashion show (walking on the catwalk to "Who Let The Dogs Out") and swaggers up to a statue thinking that it's Sequin. He strokes its paw but Sequin then comes up from behind and he notices her. Jacques chuckles, puts a rose in his mouth, and leans on Sequin.

Appearance and Personality

Jacques is a little Jack Russell Terrier. He has mostly white fur but some patches of brown, such as on his ears. He is a romantic dog and is polite and friendly. He is friends with Juliana the cat and falls in love with Sequin, so he starts making moves on her straight away.


  • "Enough with the racket, can't a dog get any sleep?"
  • "Ooh la la!"
  • "Like isn't the word Juliana, look at her; that exuberance, that joie de vivre. A dog like that, she makes me want to design again."
  • "Ahh Sequin a name that shines as bright as the beauty that inhabits it, my new muse."
  • "C'est perfect, we begin; come, we measure."
  • "My muse, the new inspiration for my fashion genius. Sequin chérie let me dress you, let me 'make you the toast of Paris."
  • "You are beautiful ma chérie, and it all comes from your wildly adventurous California spirit, ahh it's my inspiration."
  • "Ma chérie I apologize, allow me to introduce myself. I am Jacques Roussel or as you shall come to know me, your destiny."
  • "You look so cold darling, let me warm you with my fire."


  • Jacques is voiced by Charles Fathy, a French actor. He speaks English with a strong French accent.
  • His name, Jacques Roussel, is a pun on Jack Russell, the breed of dog he is.


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