King Constantine
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King constantine
Gender Male
Species Human
Hair Greyish Black
Eyes Black
Occupation King of several planets, among which Opa-Irri and Para-Den
Voiced by Dwight Schultz
Barbie: Star Light Adventure

King Constantine is a character in Barbie: Star Light Adventure. He rules several planets, among which the one Barbie comes from, Para-Den, and lives on Opa-Irri, the capital planet. In the galaxy, one by one the stars are going out and no one seems to know why. King Constantine chooses Barbie to join a special mission to make the stars dance once again.


He is a man who takes his responsibilities as a king and the safety of his kingdom very seriously. He also likes things to be proper and his own way. However, he is mostly shown as arrogant throughout the movie. Later he is more modest than before.


He is a rather thin and gaunt man with a kingly disposition, short greyish black hair and black eyes.

He dress in high-tech royal clothes with a pale blue lighted high-tech band-crown open at the front.


  • "This mission will reach the heart of the galaxy and save the stars!"
Barbie: Star Light Adventure

Quote: "You can be anything"

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