King Reginald
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Gender Male
Species Human
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Occupation King of Gardania (formerly)
Wife Queen Isabella
Daughter Blair Willows
Sister Dame Devin
Niece Delancy Devin
Barbie: Princess Charm School
For the prince, see Prince Reginald.

King Reginald of Gardania is a deceased character in Barbie: Princess Charm School. He and his wife, Queen Isabella had a daughter who they named Sophia, and they owned a dog named Prince.

Physical Appearance

Reginald had light skin, neat brown hair and blue eyes. He was only seen in the film through a portrait in the royal palace. Reginald wore a pink sash over a navy and gold military uniform top.


Reginald married a woman named Isabella, who had been crowned princess of Gardania when she graduated from Gardania's Princess Charm School. Isabella had to pick a lady royal, a trusted adviser, but when she did not pick Reginalds sister, Dame Devin, Dame Devin held a grudge against her. She wanted to get rid of the royal family so that her own daughter Delancy could rule Gardania one day.

Dame Devin finally eliminated Queen Isabella, and Reginald, in a car crash. Sophia was also involved, but survived and was left on a commoner's doorstep. Sophia was named Blair Willows from then, and did not find out about her parents or her royal blood until she was 18. This was when Blair was attending the Princess Charm School, like her mother; on a school trip to the royal palace, Blair came across a portrait of Reginald, Isabella, herself as a baby, and Prince the dog.

Blair and her friends realized that the baby in the portrait of the royal family was Blair. This was because the date of the car crash, April 26, 1993, was the day Blair was left on her adoptive mother's doorstep. This made the trio race to stop Delancy from being crowned the princess of Gardania before it was too late. After a diversion, Blair made it to her coronation. She stopped Delancy from being crowned by making a claim to the throne.

Barbie: Princess Charm School
Barbie Princess Charm School DVD Cover 1

Quote: "There's a princess in every girl."

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