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Liana swan lake
Gender Female
Species Elf/Fox
Hair Strawberry blonde (Film) Red (Doll)
Eyes Blue
Age 7
Barbie of Swan Lake
For the character from Barbie & The Diamond Castle, see Princess Liana.

Liana is a minor character in Barbie of Swan Lake. She is a fast, smart, crafty and friendly girl who was cursed by Rothbart to become a fox from dawn until dusk. During that time, Liana transformed into a fox. Liana is talented at dancing, like her friends. She never speaks and communicates through body language, like a fox.


She lived in the Enchanted Forest with all of her friends. When Rothbart took over the forest, she and her friends tried to stop him, but he transformed her into a fox and was forced to be his slave. However, her friend Carlita (Now A Skunk) distracted one of Rothbart's guards and she escaped along with her friends. She is first seen as a fox watching Odette from the forest as Odette drew the crystal. She later is seen witnessing the battle between Odette and Rothbart as a fox. A little while after that, she is seen turning into a human along with her friends. She is later seen as a fox along with her friends. She isn't seen for a while after that, but she is later seen making party preparations for Odette and Daniel. She is then seen playing the flute and dancing with her friends while teaching Odette how to dance. She is last seen dancing with Carlita, Ivan, and Kelly at the party, now a complete human.

Physical Appearance

When Liana is a fox, she is small and orange with a white underbelly, black paws and black eyes. As a human, Liana has light skin, blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair. She wears a red dress and red shoes. Additionally, when she was a human while still under Rothbart's spell, Liana grew red fox ears and a tail. When Rothbart was defeated, her ears and tail disappeared.


  • Liana's name is never said in the movie, but it's mentioned on the Barbie of Swan Lake website, and on her doll's packaging.
  • There is also a character named Liana in Barbie & The Diamond Castle.
  • On her doll's packaging, Liana is referred to as the "Feisty Fox".
  • In the film, her hair is strawberry blonde and curly. However, her doll's hair is red and straight.


Barbie of Swan Lake
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Quote: "You're braver than you think."

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