"Life Is a Fairytale"
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Barbie A Fashion Fairytale Soundtrack
Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale
Written by: Amy Powers
Jeannie Lurie
Gabriel Mann
Rob Hudnut
Published by: Mattel Rhapsody (ASCAP)
Performed by: Tiffany Giardina
Produced by: Gabriel Mann
Khoa Le and James Fallon
Length: 2:41
"Life is A Fairytale" - Music Video02:47

"Life is A Fairytale" - Music Video

"Life Is a Fairtyale" is the theme song of Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale. It is sung by Tiffany Giardina.


A simple form, the perfect line,
It's coming together in your mind.
A satin bow, electric blue,
Isn't it something? Just like a dream come true!

A ruffle there, magenta here,
Feels like magic in cashmere!
Pop it with a pair of neon heels!
That's how fearless feels!

Change the colors, change the lines,
Life's whatever you design.
Oh oh, oh oh oh,
Oh oh, oh oh oh.
Choose the fabric, own your style,
Make it sweet or make it wild!
Oh oh, oh oh oh,
Oh oh, oh oh oh,
Life, life is a,
Life, life is a,
Life, life is a fairytale.

A bubble skirt, a sequin top,
A feather belt, try it,
Well, why not?
A different look, you're free to choose.
Isn't it something? Loving the crazy shoes!

Your hair is up (your hair is up),
You've got it down (down, down),
You're revving up, ready to fly now (fly now).
Shining from your head down to your heels,
That's how fearless feels.


This is just the beginning of
Something better than I imagined,
And I see happily ever after
In every day!


Life, life is a,
Life, life is a,
Life, life is a fairytale (life is a fairytale).

(Woah oh, oh oh) Life, life is a,
(Woah oh, oh oh) Life, life is a,
(You know) Life, life is a fairytale.



(HD) Life Is A Fairytale (Lyrics) - Barbie™ A Fashion Fairytale02:41

(HD) Life Is A Fairytale (Lyrics) - Barbie™ A Fashion Fairytale


Life is a fairytale instrumental03:03

Life is a fairytale instrumental

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