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Gender Male
Species Fairy
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Occupation Yellow Guardian Apprentice
Voiced by Andrew Francis
Barbie Fairytopia: Magic of the Rainbow

Linden is a character in Barbie Fairytopia: Magic of the Rainbow. He is an oread who is voiced by Andrew Francis. Linden is Elina's friend, and Topaz's apprentice.


Linden is first seen when Bibble opens his mouth to assure Elina, yet Linden's voice is heard instead. Elina and Bibble look over the bushes to see Linden with a cute creature called a Tumby. Bibble makes noise, which startles Linden, and he goes to see who is there. Elina apologizes and walks away, but he assures her that it's alright.

He asks her if she's Elina, which makes Elina feel more comfortable and she steps through the bushes to speak to Linden. Linden tells Elina his name and Linden asks her if she's ever met a Tumby. As Linden is good at understanding different languages, he understands that the Tumby says she likes Elina. As Elina leaves to go, he asks if he should come, but Elina refuses and says she'd rather go herself. 

Elina and Linden become good friends, and hang around with one another on the school grounds. He is always there for Elina and makes her feel better about herself. 


Linden is kind, calm, smart, friendly and understandable. He and Glee are the only ones who welcome Elina to the Fairy School. He helps her even when everybody accuses her for setting Laverna free and sticks up for her when people accuse her for things. 


Physical Appearance

Linden has light brown hair and light brown eyes that sometimes look like white and a tan skin. He isn't athletic, and he is seen wearing a green outfit made of leaf and green wings.


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