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Gender Female
Species Human
Hair Purple-orange
Eyes Blue
Voiced by Rebecca Husain
Twin Sister Makalya
Barbie in Princess Power

Madison is a character in Barbie in Princess Power. She is voiced by Rebecca Husain.

Madison has a twin sister named Makalya, and they are both very smart. They are best friends of Princess Kara. Kara was kissed by a magical butterfly and so she got special powers, such as superhuman strength and agility, and the ability to fly. She adopted a superhero alter-ego, Super Sparkle, Madison and Makalya became Kara's sidekicks.

Physical Appearance:

Madison has light skin, blue eyes, and brown eyebrows. Her hair is bright purple, with a contrasting orange streak.It is styled into side swept bangs and a high ponytail with a pink hair tie. Her ponytail hangs to the left, as opposed to Makalya, whose ponytail hangs to the right.


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  • Madison shares the same name with Madison from My Scene franchise.
Barbie in Princess Power
Barbie in Princess Power DVD Cover

Motto: "The power to change the world has been inside you all along."

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