The Magic Mirror is a special object in Barbie & The Diamond Castle. It was a normal mirror before Melody, the young muse, used her magic whistle to hide in it. The Magic Mirror is golden and heart shaped. It has swirly patterns on it. On the left upper corner is a light purple jewel flower. On the right is a pink jewel flower and above that is a slightly smaller purple jewel flower. Below the heart shape is a light reddish/ pinkish jewel flower. It used to belong to an old woman before Liana and Alexa were given it. The mirror cracks near the end because Melody knew it was basically her life force and knew Lydia would use her to trick Liana and Alexa. When the Diamond Castle appears, it's the magic mirror's last appearance. It floats and disappears, finally freeing Melody.

Magic Mirror
Barbie & The Diamond Castle
Barbie & The Diamond Castle Digital Copy

Quote: "Friendship is the true treasure."

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