The maid is a minor character in Barbie in the Nutcracker. She works in Grandfather Drosselmayer's house, and she is voiced by Cathy Weseluck.


The maid is seen helping Clara decorate the house with Christmas decorations. Clara takes out the Sugar Plum Princess decoration, and the maid compliments it. Clara says that her mother gave her the decoration on the Christmas Clara saw her first ballet. The maid smiles and goes back to decorating.

When the maid picks up a gingerbread house, she tells Clara that mice have eaten gingerbread men in the Christmas decoration boxes. Clara suspects that it was her brother, Tommy, who had been eating the gingerbread men. She leans over a sofa, which Tommy is sitting behind, chewing loudly, and she grabs a gingerbread man out of his hand.

Tommy becomes indignant when Clara tells him to clean his face. However, he runs away when she threatens to tell their strict grandfather what he had been doing. Clara and the maid smile at each other and the maid walks away.


The maid is respectful and polite to Clara; she tells her that her Sugar Plum Princess decoration is beautiful.

Physical Appearance

The maid is an overweight woman who has light skin, dark eyes, and brown hair. Her hair is styled with short bangs and it is in a neat bun. She wears a white cap on her head. The maid's dress is brown, with white cuffs and a high, white collar. She wears a white apron over the dress, which are both floor length. Her shoes are brown boots. Masha, who takes care of the Peppermint Girl and the Gingerbread Boy in the Treetop Village in Parthenia, resembles the maid.


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  • "It's beautiful, miss."
  • "Oh, dear! The mice have found their way into the Christmas boxes!"
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