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Location Information
Feature films Barbie & The Diamond Castle
Type Mansion

The mansion is owned by a rich couple in Barbie & The Diamond Castle. It is located in the woods of where Liana and Alexa were travelling. After they could no longer walk, and were thirsty for a drink Liana spotted the mansion.

The girls were invited in by a rich couple, not knowing they were enchanted by Lydia's flute. The mansion was really a trap to capture Liana and Alexa so Lydia could get the mirror.

The girls were told about a legend where when two friends come across the mansion, needing aid were to be given the mansion to own for years and years. Liana left to go help Melody, but Alexa stayed since she gave up on finding the Diamond Castle. After their departure Slyder kidnapped Alexa and brought her to Lydia. In the end of the movie, the spell wears off and the couple hug.



Barbie & The Diamond Castle
Barbie & The Diamond Castle Digital Copy

Quote: "Friendship is the true treasure."

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