Miss Willows
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Gender Female
Species Human
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Voiced by Ellen Kennedy
Adopted Daughter Blair Willows
Adopted Daughter Emily Willows
Barbie: Princess Charm School

Miss Willows is a supporting character in Barbie: Princess Charm School. She has two adopted daughters, the main protagonist Blair, and a young girl named Emily. She is voiced by Ellen Kennedy.


The King Reginald and Queen Isabella of Gardania were killed in a car crash that was set up by Dame Devin, the king's sister. Dame Devin did this in order for her daughter Delancy to rule Gardania one day. Princess Sophia, the king and queen's one year old baby, was also in the car crash, but she survived. Someone left the princess on Miss Willows's doorstep.

Miss Willows raised Sophia and renamed her Blair, unaware she was the princess. Miss Willows later adopted Emily. They lived in a poor section of Gardania and struggled to afford good doctors for Miss Willows, who was sick and needed a walking stick to get around. Blair had to get a job as a waitress to provide for the family.

Emily entered Blair in a lottery for her to attend Princess Charm School, a school that teaches princesses and lady royals to fulfil their potentials. Blair won the lottery and went to the school, and, with help from her friends and teacher Alexandra Privet, she graduated the semester and found out about her blood parents.

Blair was crowned the princess of Gardania, so Miss Willows lives in the palace with her daughters. At the end of the film, she was healthier and no longer needed her walking stick.

Appearance and Personality

Miss Willows is an appreciative and supportive woman. She is kind, hopeful and goodhearted woman. She encourages Blair to attend the Princess Charm School and would stand by her no matter what happens. 

Miss Willows looks tired with dark circles under her brown eyes. She has short, neat brown hair. At the beginning of the film, she wears nightclothes and a dressing gown. She had to use a walking stick to support her when she walked, but at the end of the film she no longer needed it. She arrived at the palace wearing a long-sleeved, white button-up blouse, a black belt, a long pink skirt, and pink flat shoes.


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  • "Blair, it wasn't right for Emily to go behind your back but this is a big opportunity. A position as a lady royal..."
  • "Goodbye, Blair! You'll always be my princess."
  • "Oh, Blair!"
  • "Emily, I hope you are doing your homework and not just watching that parade."
Barbie: Princess Charm School
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Quote: "There's a princess in every girl."

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