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Gender Male
Species Human
Hair Blond
Eyes Hazel
Occupation Henchman
Voiced by Brian Drummond
Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper.

Nick is a character in Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper. Preminger is Nick's boss, and Nick helps Preminger to secretly kidnap Princess Anneliese so that Preminger can pretend he found Anneliese and then, according to the plan, Anneliese's mother Queen Genevieve would allow Preminger to marry Anneliese. Nick is voiced by Brian Drummond.


Nick is first seen in the mine, when Nack berates him for placing what looks like a worthless rock in the mine cart when they are supposed to be stealing gold (the rock is actually a very valuable geode). When Preminger sings "How Can I Refuse", Nick answers a rhetorical question of Preminger's, prompting him to call Nick a "simpering simpleton".

When Nick and Nack capture Serafina to lure Anneliese, Nick seems to forget that the plan was to capture the princess and not her cat. Later, Anneliese calls for help from her kidnappers. Nick and Nack open the door and see a fake ghost made from a bedsheet. Serafina drops the sheet onto Nick and Nack, and Nick panics, thinking the "ghost" will steal him away. Nack brings him to his senses.

To hide the fact that the princess has escaped, Nack badly disguises Nick as Anneliese. Unfortunately for them, Preminger is not fooled. Soon, Julian appears, and Nick and Nack capture him and drag him away to the mine.

Nick and Nack collapse the mine when Preminger locks Anneliese and Julian in. At Preminger's wedding, Nick wildly runs away once Preminger is exposed as a criminal, only to be tripped by Anneliese. The guards take him away.



  • (Preminger: Who does Queen Genevieve think she is?!) "Uh...the Queen?"
  • (Preminger: You simpering simpleton!) "Well, she is the Queen. She's got a crown and a scepter and sits in every fancy chair, and always go -" (Preminger: Silencio!)
  • (after a bedsheet "ghost" falls on him) "It's got me within its furry hand!"
  • "I happen to know you got a five of hearts!" (Nack: What do you mean, you know?) "I saw it!" (Nack: You mean you cheated!) "Yeah...I mean, no."
  • "Right, I knew that!"
  • "Yeah~!"
Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper
Barbie as The Princess and The Pauper

Quote: "Live your dream."

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