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Gender Female
Species Human
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Occupation Keira's organizer
Voiced by Allison Warnyca
Barbie: The Princess & The Popstar

Nora is a character in Barbie: The Princess & The Popstar. Nora is Keira's organizer. She is voiced by Allison Warnyca.


As Keira's organizer, Nora knows how to get Keira great opportunities, such as attending the tea party at the royal palace. Nora is very thorough, so she doesn't like when things don't go as planned, or when she doesn't have all the information she needs for one of Keira's shows. However, if everything works out okay, she is happy.

Physical Appearance

Nora full view

A full view of Nora's outfit.

Nora is an Asian woman. She has pale skin, brown eyes, and brown hair with side swept bangs. She has her hair in a bun. Nora wears glasses and red lipstick. Her outfit consists of a cropped red jacket with a mandarin collar, a pale purple v-neck top, and tight pants. She wears knee high, high-heeled black boots. She also wears two red bracelets on her right wrist.


  • "Here are the designs. Do you want the trees royal purple or Tokyo violet?"
  • "Keira, there's a tea tomorrow at the palace for everyone involved in the festival... the princess has requested your presence. I smell a photo op!"
  • "Keira! Uh, Keira! You never said which headpiece for the "Smoke and Mirrors" number!"
  • "Keira, please! Stop being such a princess and get out there! Limburger's having a fit! That guy can destroy your career!"
  • "These people have been waiting hours to see you. It's your responsibility to give 'em a show."


  • Nora appears in the outtakes, dancing with the other characters.
  • Nora's outfit is reused on background characters, but in different colors.
  • She has the same hairstyle that Blair from Barbie: Princess Charm School has when she's a waitress.


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