"Note To Self"
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Barbie Diaries Soundtrack
The Barbie Diaries
Written by: Andrew Saidenberg
Christy Carlson Romano
Performed by: Skye Sweetnam

"Note To Self" is a song featured in The Barbie Diaries. In the movie, Charmz perform it at their school's Fall Formal. Skye Sweetnam recorded the song for the movie, but not the soundtrack.


Note to Self (MOSTLY Clean Version)

Note to Self (MOSTLY Clean Version).0) -Skye Sweetam-

I rise to greet the day

Despite the monsters underneath my bed
I grab a pen and count to ten
And spill the contents of my head
This is the here, this is the now
I gotta make it somehow
Sometimes it feels as if my brain is bursting
Gotta write it down!

Note to self:
Feed the dog, call the mom, write a song
And rule the world by noon
Note to self:
Make the grade, make your mark, break a leg
And don't forget to always work the room
'Cause everything is going by so fast
I just wanna make something that lasts
But I'm gonna leave the keys up on the shelf
Note to self (x3)

I lose myself inside the night
Despite the demons in my mind
We hit the streets and take his hand
The promised land ain't far behind

Whether it's right or if it's wrong
I wanna party all night long
Sometimes it feels as if my brain is bursting
Gotta work it out!


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