Ollie is a minor antagonist in Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus. He is a giant who lives in the Forbidden Forest, and he is voiced by John Desantis. He is shown in the movie to be quite dim, and Annika easily outsmarted him, but in the bloopers, he is much more intellectual.


Prior to the movie's events, Ollie set a trap that would take anyone who stepped in it straight to his cooking pot. The trap consists of a hole in the ground that drops the person into a slide that goes to the pot.

When Annika, Brietta and Shiver visit the Forbidden Forest, Shiver gets frightened by someone running by and runs into Ollie's trap. Annika rushes to save her, but she and Brietta are caught by net traps. Soon, Aidan comes by and releases Annika and Brietta, after which Annika jumps into Ollie's trap to find Shiver.

Annika lands in the cooking pot just as Ollie is coming home. Upon seeing Annika and Shiver, Ollie expresses delight in having found "more lunch." He adds carrots, turnips and onions to the cooking pot, then puts it over a fire.

Shiver likes the new warmth, but Annika knows that if they stay, they'll get eaten, so she comes up with a plan to escape. She calls Ollie weak and compares him to another, stronger giant named Goliath. Ollie gets angry and demonstrates his strength by punching the pots.

Annika then tells Ollie that Goliath snapped a log in half with his bare hands. Ollie proceeds to do so and shows Annika. Annika further taunts Ollie, saying that Goliath ripped a door off its hinges. Again, Ollie successfully accomplishes the feat and shows Annika has strength. He asks what else Goliath can do, and Annika says Ollie can't do it. Ollie boasts that he can do anything, so Annika tells Ollie that Goliath is able to chain himself to post and break free with a single breath.

Ollie proceeds to tie himself up and attempts to break free, but he is unable to do it. While Ollie is struggling, Annika ties her hair ribbon to a carrot, which she tosses to the side of the pot. It catches, and Annika and Shiver climb the ribbon out of the pot. Ollie notices their escape, but is unable to do anything except demand that they come back. Annika and Shiver instead run away.

Ollie continues to try and break free, but he ends up breaking his house. As the house falls down around him, Ollie bemoans the fact that he "lost lunch."



  • Goliath, the giant Annika compares Ollie to, is a character who appears in the Bible.
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