"On Top of the World"
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On top of the world
Barbie: Princess Charm School
Written by: Amy Powers
Gabriel Mann
Rob Hudnut
Published by: Mattel Rhapsody (ASCAP)
Performed by: Rachel Bearer
Produced by: Gabriel Mann
Courtesy of: Mattel, Inc.

"On Top Of The World" is a song in Barbie: Princess Charm School. In the movie, it plays when Blair undergoes personal training with Miss Privet to ensure she graduates at the end of the semester.


I don't have the balance
Think I'm gonna fall
Wish I had the talent
I don't belong here at all

Drowning in the pressure
In over my head
Why did I think I could do this?
I could've walked away instead

But this is my chance to break free
Everything's depending on me
And if I keep trying I'll be

On top of the world
Where I can see everything before me
Reaching up to touch the sky
On top of the world
All of my dreams are rushing towards me
Stretching out my wings to fly
On top of the world

On top of the world

Nothing's gonna break me
Gonna get it right
Even if it takes me
Doing it a thousand times

Trying once is easy
Discipline is hard
But nothing can defeat me
If the change is in my heart

But this is my chance to break free (this is my chance)
Everything's depending on me (it's on me)
And if I keep trying I'll be (I'll be)


Again, again
Without a doubt
Keep on moving (keep on moving)
I can't give in now
I can feel it
Almost there
You know I'm climbing up, up, up
I'm on top of the world



On Top Of the World03:54

On Top Of the World

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