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Location Information
Feature films Barbie: Star Light Adventure
Type Planet / Capital

The Capital of the Galaxy. A very high-tech planet, it is ruled by King Constantine.

When the stars began to disappears one by one, the king creates a team whose mission is to discover what is happening and save the stars, Barbie being among the chosen. The team is first ask to join and train on the capital planet, Opa-Irri.

Barbie: Star Light Adventure

Quote: "You can be anything"

Media: Barbie: Star Light Adventure

Characters: Artemis | Barbie | Sal-Lee | Sheena | Kareena | Pupcorn | Prince Leo | King Constantine | Barbie's Dad | Housebot | Sprite | Starlian

Objects: Hoverboard

Songs: This Feeling Is Everything | Shooting Star | Starlian Song | Boring Ball Remix | Let Your Hair Down | Firefly

Locations: Barbie's House | Para-Den | Opa-Irri

Other: Merchandise | Gallery

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