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Gardania Royal Palace
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Feature films Barbie: Princess Charm School
Type Palace
For the building in Barbie of Swan Lake, see Palace (Swan Lake).

The palace is where Gardania's royal family lives. In the film, Dame Devin and her daughter Delancy live there since when Queen Isabella and King Reginald died. At the end, Blair goes to live there with her mother and her sister, telling this to them when they go to the Graduation Party right after the Coronation Ceremony of Princess Charm School.




Palace Vault

Blair, Hadley and Isla go on a mission to find Gardania's magical crown and prove to everyone that Blair is the true heir to the Gardanian throne. Delancey helps them in the mission by giving them a map leading them to the secret vault which hides the crown.

Following the directions given by Delancy, they find a keypad that needs a password to unlock the door of the vault, so they try the date of the coronation. It is incorrect and so, they use the password hint ("The day it all fell into place") to figure out the real password. They try the date of the car crash and it works. Inside the vault, they find Dame Devin's possessions. Blair and her friends, find the magical crown, but Dame Devin finds them, and
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makes Brock, her guard, take the crown. She changes the password, with Isla memorizing the tune of the buttons she presses, and locks them in the vault.

They are stuck in the room for hours as the coronation begins and Delancy is just moments away from being crowned. Blair and her friends figure out how to escape. Isla keeps humming the tune of the keyboard buttons, and when Hadley accidently knocks a cover off a box of electric wires, they wire up Blair's phone to the keypad to use Blair's phone buttons to enter the password from inside the vault. Isla does the correct tune on the phone and they escape.



Barbie: Princess Charm School
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Quote: "There's a princess in every girl."

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